Our Services

We are a company with a reputation for excellence, specialising in a range of services including directional drilling, thrust boring, pipe ramming, hydro and air spade excavation and open cut trenching.

Subsurface Civil & Drilling Ltd, formally known as Subsurface Drilling Ltd has re-branded and are now undertaking works in the civil sector. We have been operating in the Canterbury and North Canterbury area for over 16 years with works in areas from Kaikoura to Hanmer Springs, Ashburton to Akaroa including the West Coast.


Pipe Ramming

We provide on-grade installations by pipe ramming. This is where a steel casing is installed under roadways, railway tracks etc as a liner pipe to carry communications, drainage water power etc. Our standard steel casing size install ranges from 160mm to 1215mm steel pipe diameters with distances installed up to 50m+.

Open Cut Trenching

With a wide range of excavators we can carry out conventional trenching for low voltage and high voltage power cabling, water and communication cable installations.

Air Spade Excavations

We supply air spade excavations, generally used around power cables and protected trees to minimise any damage to the roots or cables.

Range of Machinery

We carry a range of 1.7T to 12T Excavators, 5T-10T Tip Trucks with three axle tipping trailer available for bulk cartage.

Transportation of Machinery

We have an eight wheel transporter that is capable of carrying up to 12T of machinery.

Site Works & Clearing

We carry out site works and clearing, can undertake the preparation of driveway works, and offer kerb preparation.

CCC approved water installers

We have Christchurch City Council approved water reticulation installers.

  • Pipe installations

  • PE welding

Lateral Pipe Bursting


Thrust Boring

Thrust boring is a trenchless method used to install a single pipe from 32mm diameter to 110mm - commonly used for power, water, drainage, communications under roadways, paths, patios. Anywhere we can set up our equipment we can install.


At Subsurface Civil & Drilling we are Christchurch City Council approved Polyethylene and Electro-fusion welders. We supply butt welding services from 63mm to 315mm and electro fusion welding from 32mm to 500mm.

Ground Pentrating Radar

“GPR” is a service that is offered to clients for locating and identifying existing service locations and depths. Hydro-excavation units are used to identify and visualise the services prior to any excavations or trenchless works being undertaken.

Asphalt Repair Works

We carry out asphalt reinstatement works of trenches in foot-ways, roadways and patches.

Consulting Services

We offer a professional consulting service to clients for planning and design works. This can range from best techniques available for the job, time frames, products available, budgeting of costs etc.


Pipe Cracking

Pipe cracking is a trenchless process that replaces old pipes such as clay tile, cast Iron, PVC, Asbestos and reinforced concrete by using a pneumatic hammer that is propelled forward by air along with been pulled via a wire cable that is connected to a winch to centralise the hammer, the pipe is attached to the back of the pneumatic hammer via an expander cone that breaks out and expands the ground for the new pipe to follow into. This technique minimises disruption to the above ground activities.

Directional Drilling

With a wide range of directional drilling machines, we can offer this trenchless installation method that is carried out by a drill guided along a given route. Once a destination is reached, the drill rods are then retrieved and at the same time a pipe is pulled back into the cavity. We have a range of drill rigs - from 5000lb to 30,000lb machines - capable of installing pipes with diameters ranging from 32mm to 500mm.

Hydro Excavation

We offer, as part of our day to day works, hydro-excavation for locating of services, pole holes and slurry clean up.

Drainage Works

We are CCC Authorised Drain Layers - from pipe installations to manholes, pressure testing to job completion.

  • CCC approved drainage installers

  • Gravity laterals

  • Disconnections

  • Pressure sewer reticulation supply and installs

  • All pressure sewer PE welding works

  • Coordinate the installation of PS tank installs

  • Pipe cracking

  • Pipe bursting


Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting is a trenchless method used to replace existing pipelines with PE and PVC pipes in the same alignment without physically removing the existing pipe, very similar technique as pipe cracking but no wire rope or winches are used, Bursters use a rod that is inserted into the host pipe and then an expander and splitter cone is attached and pulled back through the pipe with the new pipe being pulled back behind the rods. This type of install can be used on jobs such as pipe size for pipe size or upsized to a large pipe through clay tile, PVC, Cast iron. This technique minimises disruption to the above ground activities.